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Spa Provides Welcomed Relief for Poconos Bride-To-Be!

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~Shared by Amy Newcomer

When my bridesmaids came to me and asked where I wanted to have my Bachelorette Party various places came to mind… and honestly, Woodloch was not one of them. The first things that come to mind about Woodloch were family friendly entertainment and activities – and let’s be honest, a Bachelorette Party is typically not a family friendly event!

THEN as the planning process continued, I decided that all I really wanted to do was spend a day at the spa. Planning a wedding is stressful and I wanted a relaxing massage. Let me say that again – I NEEDED a relaxing massage!luxury spa, poconos ski

As I only planned to do this once, I wanted to make sure it was the best.  As we researched places to go, it turned out that one of the best destination spas in the world (yes that’s right, WORLD) was located right here at Woodloch.

The Lodge at Woodloch is a AAA Four Diamond property and has received accolades from Conde Nast Traveler as “#8 Resort in the US” and “World’s Best” and from Travel + Leisure as “#6 Destination Spa in the World.”  It certainly was well equipped to handle me and my group of friends. 

I cannot say enough about our experience and how wonderful the service was – we had lunch at the TREE Restaurant in the private Chef’s Kitchen and then were whisked away to the Spa have our treatments.  I opted for the 50 minute Swedish Massage and it was spaaaamazing!  We also spent quality time soaking in pool and under the Hydromassage Waterfalls!

So whether you are looking for a place for a Bachelorette Party or hoping to steal a few hours to yourself on your next family vacation – I strongly encourage you to indulge yourself at The Lodge at Woodloch!!!



Woodloch: A Family Vacation Creating Lifelong Memories

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You know that warm welcoming feeling you get when you're amongst family and good friends; that closeness, acceptance, and general feeling of well-being? That's Woodloch!

Togethering in the Poconos!

Family is the word that comes to mind when talking about this fun-filled, all-inclusive Poconos resort. It's like my friend Sharon B. says, “Working here for 27 years, I have seen and experienced families enjoying our resort and each other . . . such a wonderful feeling, from the owners to the landscapers, everyone has a 'happy' attitude that bounces off the guests.”

“What's special about Woodloch to me is that we offer many activities like our family Olympics and the Amazing Race that give families of all ages the opportunity to compete with other families while working together to win,” says reservationist Jeremy B.

“What I find endearing and very unique about Woodloch is how our guests look forward to seeing their favorite staff members as if they are family or old friends, mirroring our very own mission statement, to treat every guest as company in our own homes,” Selina T. says.

Working in Woodloch's reservations department, I am lucky enough to speak with numerous guests each day, from newcomers to frequent visitors who have been coming to Woodloch since it opened its doors back in 1958 -- before I was even born!

There are so many wonderful different stories of families capturing priceless moments and memories that last a lifetime. For example, there was the exuberant young man planning to propose to his girlfriend, complete with a horse-drawn carriage ride. Or the woman booking a 60th anniversary celebration for her parents, both 83-years young, who made me laugh about how much her father loves racing down the snowtube run.

It's like my friend Sarina B. says, “We all take dozens of vacations in our lifetime, but few, if any, will create the lasting memories of child-like happiness that Woodloch gives you.” That's the good stuff.

Or how about the poignant story of a young mom who had bravely battled breast cancer, and upon receiving a clean bill of health, thought not of herself but rather surprising her son with a return trip to Woodloch for his birthday. There are no words for that.

Each story is unique. Each story is touching. Each story is Woodloch.

Creating Lifelong Memories in the Poconos

Happy 65th Anniversary ~ A Reunion in the Poconos

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Shared by: Tammy Compton ~ Woodloch Reservations

Who doesn't enjoy a good love story, liberally sprinkled with laughter? 

Pocono ReunionIt's easy to see that Joseph and Bernie Plescia of Mohegan Lake, N.Y. - now in their early eighties - are as much in love as when they first met more than 65 years ago.  The two were teens when their paths first crossed at the White Plains Roller Skating Rink in New York.

"I thought he was good looking,” says Bernice with a smile.  "I still am," Joseph jokes, emphatically agreeing with his beloved bride. His reply earns a round of laughter from family members gathered at Woodloch Pines, a Pocono family resort, a perfect setting to help them celebrate their 65th Anniversary.

"She talks and I listen," Joseph says.  That, and remembering to use the two magic words "Yes Dear" has cemented their marriage.   "Two words that I taught him to say," Bernice proudly says.

 They were 18 when they eloped, exchanging vows they've carefully nurtured and never forsaken.  "Through the rough, and believe me there have been rough times, we never forgot our marriage vows and why we got married," says Bernice.  They renewed their vows on their 25th Wedding Anniversary, and again on their 50th and 60th Anniversaries.

September 27th is the big day.

The couple has three children: Sally Ann, Linda, and Stephen; two grandchildren: D.J. and Chris; and a great grandson David.  "There's never a dull moment around our children," said Joseph.

Both retired, Joseph worked as a Purchasing Director for Reader's Digest for 42 years, while Bernice worked as a dentist's receptionist and bookkeeper.

This year marked the family's third trip to Woodloch.  Daughter-in-law Anne says they found Woodloch while looking for an all-inclusive resort in the Pocono Mountains.   "It's nice to be able to stay in a house where we're all together," she said. 

Smiling as his wife talks, Stephen says, "Anne and I  have been married 35 years and that's with their (his parents') example - their loyalty and commitment to each other. And they're fun, not overly serious about life. They enjoy life."

A sign outside one of Woodloch's Lake Estate's, a privately owned 5 bedroom guest home, reads: Live, laugh and love.  "It's a good sentiment and it really typifies them," says Stephen.   "Their commitment to each other," Sally Ann chimes in. "They express affection to one another. This is their 65th Anniversary and you would think that they would want to be alone, but they want us all together, to celebrate together."

Daughter Linda says it's her parents "sense of humor and strength of commitment to each other" that really stands out.

"I mean, they still walk together holding hands. They're always there for each other. There's never been any doubt that they're a team," Linda says.

The best part about being married?

"Is having a best friend," Bernice says.

Joseph seconds his wife's sentiment. Tenderly holding her hand, he says,"If I could do it all over again, I would."

Woodloch Weddings Get a Little Sweeter.

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Want to make your special day a little more sweeter than it already is? Add a candy station to your reception!

 R  Front Desk cara.stokowski old fashioned wedding candy bar resized 600



Candy stations are easy to put together and provide your guests with a tasty treat while adding some fun pizzazz to your day! Pictured below, is one of Woodloch's own candy stations!

R  Front Desk cara.stokowski Woodloch Wedding Pictures j resized 600

Here at Woodloch we provide brides with the jars needed for your candy and will set up and design the station to match the brides specific style. Extra jars or decorations can be added to the station as well. Ask around and start collecting large vases and apothecary jars from those you know, and you will have enough jars in no time! Watch the local stores for candy sales or visit your local Sam’s club/BJ/Cosco etc. to buy the candy in bulk. Bulk candy can even be purchased online at some great prices!

R  Front Desk cara.stokowski candybar 2 resized 600


From lollipops and skittles to peanut butter cups and chocolate pretzels there are endless possibilities! Some choose to use bright and colorful candies while others stick with specific themes such as colors or candy names. Example, if your colors for your wedding are purple and gold, search for candies in those colors, or even order personalized M&M's! With such a large variety of candy out there, you will be surprised what you’re able to come up with! Sometimes brides and grooms choose to include frames on the tables with pictures or phrases, and titles such as "How Sweet it is to be loved by you".

Often times a candy station can also double up as your favor! Small sheer bags or personalized candy boxes can be set at each place setting with a cute little note attached directing guests to get out of their seat and enjoy a special treat!

One little station can lead to many possibilities and options and every bride and groom add their own little spark. The wedding planners here at Woodloch are ready to get sticky and make your day sweeter!


Welcoming your Wedding Guests to Woodloch!

Check Out Woodloch's Newest Blog!Shared by: Cara Stokowski

Pocono Wedding
Are you using Woodloch as a spot for you destination wedding? Do you want to provide activities for your guests other than your wedding?

Well Woodloch has that all taken care of! Not only do your guests get to stay in a beautiful home over in Woodloch Springs, but they have a whole resort of activities to keep them entertained! From hayrides and shows, zip lines and climbing walls to boats and swimming at our gorgeous lake, your guests will get a bountiful vacation experience!

How do you get to enjoy the best of both worlds?  A beautiful wedding AND endless activities & entertainment?

Now, your guests are here for your wedding, and you wouldn’t want them to get so caught up in the fun that they miss your important details. We recommend you keep your guests well informed with a custom itinerary for each of your guests as they check in!

In your itinerary simply welcome them to your wedding weekend, and map out the different events that are taking place and the times.

Some things you may want to include are:

  • Rehearsal Dinner location and times
  • Ceremony and Reception location and times
  • Transportation information (If you arranged for Woodloch to Provide) Include times and locations for pick up and drop off
  • Next morning breakfast Location and times
  • Any scheduled private activities
  • Then any information about key activities around the resort, you would like your guests to be aware of

You can have these printed on cards, or even staple them to resort activity sheets and maps. Some couples even choose to make welcome baskets to be placed in the houses or given to each guest as they check in.

Some of these items can include:

  • Water
  • Snacks such as Pretzels, chops or crackers
  • Candy or gum
  • Items such as Tylenol or aspirin
  • Maps of the local area just in case your guests would like to go explore!
  • A tooth brush or small tubes of tooth paste and floss just in case there forgotten
  • Tissues

And if you really want to get creative you can make the bags or baskets in the colors of your wedding!

This is a perfect way to thank your guests and welcome them to your special weekend!

Returning Memories! One Guests Recent Visit After 30 Years

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Shared by: Sue Nordenhold, Woodloch Staff

Just a few short weeks ago, a gentleman and his family walked in the main entrance and headed towards the Front Desk. He was greeted by the Front Desk who, of course, welcomed them by saying, "Good Afternoon, and Welcome to Woodloch!" as we all do with our guests. Little did we know, that this was a return visit, after thirty years!! We did not go into the details about why he had not returned in such a long time but there was so much joy and excitement for his return with his family.  The last time he was here, he was a child, now he was anxious the relive those great memories with his children.

Waterskiing in the Poconos

After the intial check-in procedure was complete, we started talking about the “old days” at Woodloch and how things have changed and grown (for the better).  We first spoke of the toboggan run which was located where our Greenbriar snow tube is now, behind the main dining room. I can still remember the bump at the bottom of the toboggan run, where you’d be thrust onto the lake and seemingly fly across the ice.  It sure was fun, but, the snow tube run was a marvelous idea, and designed for all ages - we actually have an 85 year old woman who goes down the tube run!!!  

We spoke about our nightly entertainment in the Heritage Night Club, which back in the day was performed in the North Lodge.  He remembered the construction of the whole Greenbriar extension and night club the last time he vacationed at Woodloch.  He had stayed in our “Family Cottages”, and “Tallwood Units”. These were our main accommodations before Springbrook and Mt. Laurel units were built. 

Woodloch History

As the weekend progressed, I asked the family how they were enjoying their Winter Vacation. It was great to reminisce with our returning guest.  The whole family turned to me, and in unison, responded with "We love it and we can not wait to come back!"  What a wonderful feeling that was.  I look forward to welcoming them back next winter!

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