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The Top 5 Reasons Autumn Rocks at Woodloch

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~Shared by J. Ranner

From a personal standpoint, fall has always been my favorite season. Crisp and cooler weather, the advent of the holiday season, and of course, the return of NFL football never ceases to reinvigorate me after a crazy (but still fun) summer season. 

I am a full-time year-round staff member here at Woodloch Pines, so I have the advantage of enjoying all four seasons here. Each one offers something a little different and unique from the others; to each his or her own. I will let it be known, however, that fall is a grand time to give us a visit. As a matter of fact, I have 5 reasons for you to migrate back to the Poconos this season:

5) Foliage- I can't give you a specific number, but it's a fact that there is no shortage of trees here in Pennsylvania. And every autumn, it's as if the sprawling mountain landscapes are painted in brilliant hues of red, orange, yellow and purple. Speaking of this beauty doesn't do it any justice; like gazing out into the stars on a clear night in the countryside or watching the sun rise from the shore of the beach, it is a spectacle of nature that needs to be witnessed first-hand!

4) Nearby Attractions- Outside of our vacation oasis of Woodloch, the Poconos offers other great ways to have fun throughout the fall. Cider mills, pumpkin patches, horseback riding and antique stores are all just minutes away from Woodloch (you know, in case you are interested in stopping AFTER an action-packed stay with us!). 

3) Holidays- There are two biggies to celebrate before we get into December- Halloween and Thanksgiving (or as I call it, "T-DAY"). At Woodloch, we excel at celebrating both in style. Tricks, treats, and all sorts of shenanigans await you during our Halloween packages. Enjoy costume parades, kid's games, parties, costume contests and of course our HAUNTED HAYRIDES (more on that later). Thanksgiving allows you to gather your family and friends for quality time and absolutely no stress over meal preparation! Plus, all of that wonderful Woodloch food . . .

2) Activities- We do everything we can to keep up with our active guests. It is our committment to you that we chug along with most of our outdoor activities throughout the fall season. It's prime time for zip-lining, Segways, boating, go-karting, trapshooting, rock climbing, biking, or even taking a nice relaxing stroll through our Nature Trail. Breathe in that cool mountain air; it's good for the body and soul! And if weather just so happens to take a turn, remember we still have an arsenal of indoor activities to keep everyone happy!

And the number one reason to visit Woodloch Pines Resort in the fall...

1) HAUNTED HAYRIDES- If you have yet to join us for our traditional Haunted Hayrides through our Nature Trail on a brisk autumn evening, this is the year to do so! Once night falls, hop aboard a hay wagon with your friends and family and brace yourself for terror (all in good fun, of course). You will traverse our trail as ghouls, goblins and everything in between gets your adrenaline pumping through a dozen scenes, complete with booming sound, pyrotechnics, special effects and more! You'll scream, cry, and of course laugh your way to a nice cup of hot chocolate at the end. 


So, if you haven't already done so, look into joining us this autumn for a perfect opportunity to make some memories. Don't let the season FALL away; give us a call!


The Scenic Beauty of the Poconos

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If you are looking for beautiful landscapes, Pennsylvania is where you want to be. With its green covered summer mountains, and snow-kissed winter forestry, Pennsylvania shows nothing short of beauty all year long. Looking around and seeing the nature that surrounds me is something I really appreciate about living in the Poconos. I can look out my window and feel as if I am looking at a calendar of unrivaled scenery. There is nothing that I find more beautiful than watching the sunset against the forest and seeing its reflection on the lake. I really understand why people enjoy vacationing here. It is amazing to just take in all of the views, whether it is in the spring, summer, fall or winter.

reunions, kids travel

Woodloch is THE resort to utilize the scenery that Pennsylvania has to offer. Enjoying our outdoor activities really helps you take in the gorgeous surroundings. Take a segway tour on our nature trail or simply hike/bike it! Our snowmobiling area allows you to cruise a powder-covered field while basking in the peaceful wintery ambience. And how could we possibly forget about the wildlife? Animals such as squirrels, chipmunks, deer, and the occasional black bear also call Woodloch "home."

kids travel, poconos ski

And you aren't limited to just land; Woodloch sits on its own magnificent private lake, Lake Teedyuskung. You can also enjoy the landscape while waterskiing, swimming, or boating. Or just relax with a good book or beverage by the shore. When the lake freezes over in the winter, it provides prisitine skating conditions. And nothing says family bonding like a pick-up hockey game! 

Whether you join us for our fun and competitive contests or are just looking to relax, refresh, and rejuvenate, one thing is for certain: the lush natural landscapes of Woodloch will add that extra special something everyone seeks out of a vacation. You can't help but to be completely surrounded by it!

Take a trip around the lake - and back in time - with Joey the Kid!


When Visiting Woodloch: Historic Gems in the Pocono Mountains

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Whether you are headed home from the vacation of your life or on your way to it, there are many interesting historic places to visit in the area surrounding Woodloch!

  • Roebling Bridge in the Poconos
    Roebling's Delaware Aqueduct: What the locals call “The Roebling Bridge,” the Delaware Aqueduct is the oldest existing wire cable suspension bridge in the United States, right here in the Poconos! It was designed and built by John A. Roebling, who would later design the Brooklyn Bridge.

  • Zane Grey Museum: Renowned 19th Century author, Zane Grey lived fifteen minutes east of Woodloch on the banks of the Upper Delaware River. His home has been preserved by the National Park Service and displays Grey’s memorabilia, books, and photographs.

  • The Settler’s Inn:  Built in 1927, The Settler’s Inn is one of the most popular bed and breakfasts in Pennsylvania. Situated 15 minutes west of Woodloch, guests experience a hands-on approach to hospitality much like that of Woodloch. The Settler’s Inn boasts a variety of international wines and has been using local ingredients to maintain a “farm to table” dining experience.

Hawley Silk Mill in the Pocono Mountains

  • The Hawley Silk Mill: Known as the largest bluestone building in the world, the Belmont Silk Mill (now known as The Hawley Silk Mill) was one of nearly 50 silk mills built in Northeastern Pennsylvania. Women and children were inexpensive labor, and the Mill thrived until laws began to change in the 1920s. The local silk mill industry started to decline, and the building became a textile factory. It remained vacant during the late 1980s until it was an antique and wholesale operation.  Recently, the Hawley Silk Mill has become a satellite campus of Lackawanna College as well as home to a popular fitness center, art galleries, and local businesses. Below the Hawley Silk Mill rests Ledges Hotel, a boutique hotel complete with a wine and tapas bar, that was once the O’Connor Glass Factory. The hotel’s backdrop consists of roaring waterfalls known as Paupack Falls that stem from Lake Wallenpaupack.

  • The Columns Museum:  This beautiful building is located in the heart of Milford, just 20 minutes from Woodloch. The Museum is a treasure chest of history and folklore both locally and non-locally. The famous “Lincoln Flag," the American flag used to cradle the President’s head after he was assassinated, is on display and is one of the most popular exhibits. The Columns is the museum of the Pike County Historical Society.

  • Grey Towers in the Poconos
    Grey Towers:  Grey Towers, also known locally as “The Pinchot House,” was the former home of Gifford Pinchot. Pinchot was the first director of the U.S. Forest Service and was a two-term serving Pennsylvania Governor. The “castle” styled home is located in the hills above Milford with views of the Delaware River. Pinchot spent his summers in this house and later donated it along with the surrounding land to the Forest Service, making it the only U.S. Historic Site that is managed by the Forest Service. It is a National Landmark offering public tours and great hiking trails.


So next time you're in the Poconos be sure to check out these fascinating historic landmarks. Plan a trip to Woodloch today!

LIGHTS ON! Brighten up your holidays in the Poconos!

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Festival of Lights in the pocono Mountains

The last of the brilliant autumn foliage fell to the ground weeks ago in the scenic Pocono Mountains, marking the advent of snow and chilly temperatures that will surely follow. What better way to lift your spirits in these days than with some brilliant holiday lights? Family Holidays in the Poconos

If you haven't ever joined us here at Woodloch during the holiday season, you are missing quite the spectacle. After the last crumb of stuffing leaves the Thanksgiving table, the resort is transformed almost instantaneously overnight into a vibrant display of illumination. With the resort lit up across its 135 acres even the coldest of winter nights seem warmer.


On top of that, Woodloch's special packages also offer the annual "Festival of Lights," a magical hayride through our Nature Trail. You will enjoy some holiday music, good times with family, and if you behave yourselves... maybe even get a visit from Santa!

Though our guests may not realize it during their stay, preparations for the holiday light displays begin even before October! Little by little, behind the scenes, our staff spends many countless hours scaling trees, testing bulbs, and rearranging fixtures to ensure that everything looks picture-perfect for the traditional lighting on Black Friday.

So, if you are looking to spend some quality time with family and friends this holiday season, join us in the Pocono Mountains for a little bit of illumination. Our Festival of Lights tours will run through New Year's, while displays around the resort will be shining through the Russian Christmas. Brighten up your holidays with a visit to Woodloch!

Zipping into Summertime at Woodloch!

Check Out Woodloch's Newest Blog!Shared by:  Joe Ranner ~ Woodloch Social Staff

Zip line in the poconos

As always, Memorial Day ushered in the start of the summer season at Woodloch Pines.  It also marked the opening of Woodloch’s newest amenity: the Zip Line

This attraction has been on the drawing board for about 3 years or so but finally became a reality when the decision to build was made in the fall of 2010.  The source of inspiration? “Haunted Hayrides,” says Joey Ranner, Social Director of the resort.  “We started using smaller Zip Lines to scare guests during our annual Haunted Hayrides.  The staff working in the woods enjoyed zipping so much that we decided that our guests would definitely enjoy them as well. Woodloch strives to keep the resort fresh and exciting for everyone, including our long-time guests that return looking for new ways to enjoy our resort.”

For a nominal fee, guests can make reservations to ride. Everyone must be at least 13 years old and weigh less than 280 pounds. You need to be in good health and also wear closed-toe shoes. After riders are secured in their harnesses, they are given safety instructions, and then it’s off to the peak of our hill. Riders soar down a 600 foot cable, dropping vertically 50 feet in the process, and end their ride 40 feet up in the scenic Pocono Mountain canopy. The fun doesn’t stop there: the experience concludes with a “Tarzan Swing”: zippers take a leap off the end platform and are safely lowered to the ground.

Woodloch’s family and staff are very pleased with the Zip Line so far, and it represents just the tip of the iceberg of fun that we intend to share with your family and friends this summer. Please visit for continual updates on the fun as we approach the heart of summer!


Top Ten Reasons I LOVE Woodloch Pines.

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Shared by: Brooke James, Woodloch Staff

As a staff member, I’ve got a great inside view of all that goes on at Woodloch.  I’m also a guest of Woodloch and have seen it all from the other side!  So, I wanted to write something that took the best parts of Woodloch, inside and out, and showcase them in my own Top Ten List! 

  1. cookout in the poconosDelicious Food-From Breakfast to Dinner the food is plentiful and delicious. One of my favorites is the homemade Scandinavian Pancakes served at breakfast. They are made from a special recipe handed down from original owners and have remained a tradition for breakfasts at Woodloch for over 50 years. Every bite is better than the next with the perfect combination of butter and sweetness. At lunch I can never pass up their crab cake sandwich filled with fresh crab and served with a unique Cajun spread, out of this world! Then there is dinner with tenderloin of beef, cooked to perfection and coated with a special seasoning that really brings out the flavor of the meat. Finally, the smorgasbord, where the shrimp and crab are endless…need I say more?!?!

  2. Clean and Comfortable Rooms- The housekeeping staff at Woodloch does an outstanding job of cleaning each and every room on a daily basis and leaving them spotless. The rooms are always double checked by housekeeping management to make sure they are up to Woodloch standards. The rooms are spacious with comfortable bedding that can be perfected to your liking during your stay. If you are in need of additional pillows, bed spreads, sheets, or mattress padding, the housekeeping staff will gladly bring these to you upon request.

  3. Friendly Staff – Every part of the resort is filled with a staff member ready to assist you with a smile.  Starting upon check-in, the front desk goes out of their way to make sure to inform you of all of the facilities, activities, meals and overall lay of the land. They really make you feel welcome from the minute you arrive. The social staff, of course, is full of energy and charisma to ensure every day of your vacation is enjoyable. The wait staff is also very friendly and helpful during your meals, making sure your requests and needs are met.

  4. summer fun at WoodlochActivities for Children and Adults- Endless.  The activities are truly endless at Woodloch. There is always something to do, whether it is relaxing by the pool, or competing in the family Olympics, you will not be bored! One of my favorites is the Scavenger Hunt, where you are given a list of things to get around the resort and given clues of how to get them and who can help! It is an hour of non- stop excitement.

  5. Convenient location- Woodloch is less than a gas tank away from New York and New Jersey, and has everything you need for a fun-filled vacation. baggage fees, no pat-downs just wholesome, hassle-free vacationing!

  6. Beautiful Lake for winter and summer – Our own Lake Teedyuskung has so much to offer for all seasons. In the summer the lake has paddle boating, row boating, sailing, kayaking, and waterskiing as well as swimming and an awesome waterslide for all ages! In the winter the Lake is great for Ice Skating, Ice Fishing, and our “over the top” snow tube hill!!

  7. Indoor and Outdoor swimming pools- The indoor pool not only has a huge swimming pool for all ages, but it also has an innovative new splash park for the children as well as kiddie pools, Jacuzzi’s and sauna’s. The outdoor pool is the shape of a shamrock and provides a ton of fun for adults and kids alike.

  8. Golf Course and Spa- Our Award Winning Golf-Course and World-Class Destination Spa are two unique attractions to Woodloch’s Resort.  The breath-taking 18 hole Golf Course is both challenging and enjoyable. The Lodge at Woodloch , offers  an incredible serine setting, allowing you to step away from your everyday life and unwind—truly an experience of a lifetime!

  9. nightly entertainment in the poconosNightly Entertainment- Our nightly entertainment offers something for both children and adults from the ventriloquists to Broadway-style shows. The comedy acts are so entertaining and the horse-racing is fun for the everyone!



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Woodloch Press Release

Woodloch Pines Resort and the Kiesendahl Family are donating a piece of history to the boy scouts. The original Daniel Carter Beard cabin-home of the original Boy Scout Camp, located at Woodloch Pines will be dismantled and transported to the Goose Pond Boy Scout Reservation on Lake Wallenpaupack, where it will be reassembled and preserved.

cabin constructioncabin

Daniel Carter Beard, one of the founders of The Boy Scouts of America, built a log cabin on Lake Teedyuskung in 1926. This cabin, more commonly known as the “mess hall”, was the meeting spot for many boy scouts. While being involved in summer camps - Dan Beard taught the skill of woodcraft to young scouts. Known by many as Uncle Dan, he will always be remembered as a vibrant figure dressed in buckskins that helped form scouting in America.

cabin and K%27scabin and McP

“This is a great opportunity for the boy scouts to begin creating their own history,” says Debbie Stewart, a local history advocate “In the years to come they can share this part of inherited history with their children & grandchildren.” Last summer during the boy scouts 100th anniversary, Debbie Stewart researched and created an exhibit focusing on the Dan Beard Cabin and its importance as local history. “Ms. Stewart’s specific knowledge of the man, Dan Beard, provided the provenance to the cabin as a unique treasure which demanded that it be maintained for future generations,” says Gerald Ephault, an initiator for the Dan Beard Project. It has been an effort to move this cabin for years, and finally the time is right… Right Now!

The Dan Beard Cabin Committee is fortunate to have an executive council composed of leading professionals lending expertise, time and labor to bring this project to fruition, such as attorneys, a civil engineer, architects, and constructions experts. Robert Gibbons, Jr, committee chair and also leader of this project says, “We have been lucky enough to have received a grant from the Lackawanna Valley Heritage Authority.” The LHVA generously donated a grant of $10,000 toward the project. This grant helps to cover the costs of dismantling by “Cabin Doctor.” Restoration of the cabin is schedule for November 5, 2011 at the Goose Pond Boy Scout Reservation. The boy scouts are continuously applying for grants to help support this $200,000 project. If you are interested in donating to this non-profit organized project, more information can be found online at

cabin closeupcabin dismantling

Applications for a historical landmarker are being processed to mark the original location of the Dan Beard Cabin, at Woodloch Resort. Woodloch has always followed a tradition of hospitality and excellence; “The donation of the cabin was an excellent opportunity to preserve a historical landmark,” says John Kiesendahl, owner of Woodloch Resort.

I Reached Nirvana ~ in the Poconos…

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Shared by: Rory O’Fee, Woodloch Staff

So… I’m not really a spa guy.  Well, at least, I wasn’t.  Then I threw my back out.  Ugh, it was really frustrating, I could barely stand up, walking was a real challenge; I only felt as ease flat on my back staring at the ceiling.  I found if someone rubbed my back it seemed to feel better – so it was suggested I “get to the lodge” because “it’ll be great” and I will “feel like a million bucks” – or something like that.  But I had never received a professional massage before, and I was nervous about it. 

Pocono Eucalyptus JaccuzziAlright… I’ll do it”, I found myself at The Lodge at Woodloch Sunday evening.  I had frequented the Lodge many times before, as I would be working ~ a tour, a meeting, film crew, etc… ~ but never as a patron, it was about time.  What I was most excited for were the spa facilities.  I made it a point to try every option in the aqua garden.  I spent 10 solid minutes in the eucalyptus hot tub (wow) and 5 minutes in the sauna and 5 minutes in the steam room (hotter than I expected…).  Soothing music emanated from the ceilings and calmed my nerves, the smell of eucalyptus was inviting and calming.  I really enjoyed having pitchers of ice water with optional lemon wedges waiting outside the saunas – unbelievably refreshing.  The main pool was amazing, equipped with 2 hydro-massage waterfall hot tubs, I let the water vibrate the stress from my trapezius. 

I relaxed for about an hour and then it was time for what I feared most.  Vernelle met me outside the men’s retreat and led me downstairs – while I expressed my hesitation and fears.  She laughed comfortably and assured me I had nothing to worry about.  Well, before going to the Lodge, everyone told me “if it hurts, you can stop the treatment” and “they shouldn’t hurt you, this is relaxing” – ok, great, so it’s not going to hurt…  As we got situated in the treatment room (which was pleasantly warm and calm) Vernelle explained to me that she specializes in sports massage and injury massage therapy – ok, great, so it’s not going to hurt… “Now I have to tell you Rory, for this to work, I’m going to have to hurt you” **WHAT?** “trust me”.  Against every fiber in my body, I gave in and trusted her – and she did hurt me… But in the end the pain went away and I felt so much better.

The Lodge at Woodloch Aqua Garden
As she pressed hard on tight focal points in my back muscles she explained to me every step she was taking.  She taught me about the different muscles in my back and how they worked; she released the tension and warmed the tissue, then cooled the trouble spots with ice to circulate the blood.  After a about an hour our time was through, I stood up from the table and felt instantly improved (not 100% yet, but that was to be expected).  What an experience, therapeutic, relaxing, fun and even educational!  I showered then made my way home after that, soon to enjoy a long, relaxing and comfortable night sleep. 

The Natural Beauty of the Pocono Mountains

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Shared by: Laurie A. Guzda, Woodloch Staff

It’s amazing how most people still associate the Poconos with heart-shaped tubs. And all because of a commercial for Mt Airy lodge that ran over 30 years ago for less than 5 years! I’ve been visiting the Poconos for over 40 years to the Milford, Shohola area and never even knew it was part of the Poconos. The Pocono Mountains cover four counties: Pike, Wayne, Monroe and Carbon. Pike and Wayne counties make up the northeast corner, which is distinctly different.

Pocono Mountains Natural Beauty
Pike County is considered the birthplace of the American Conservation movement thanks to Gifford Pinchot who was the first Chief of the United States Forest Service and created a forestry program with Yale University. Pike County is 1/3 Game lands, 1/3 wetlands and 1/3 of land that is available for development. So even at it’s capacity, which is far from the current use, it will never be more the 1/3 developed. That is what creates it’s pristine beauty with air so rich you can drink it from a cup.

The lake region in both Pike and Wayne counties are mostly natural spring-fed lakes and some of the most southern glacial lakes in the world. The crowned jewel of the lake region is Lake Wallenpaupack, a man-made lake built by PPL that serves as a four season recreation area. Wallenpaupack means where fast and slow water meet translated from the indigineous Lenni Lenape indians.

The Delaware and Lackawaxen Rivers offer great fishing and rafting. The Lackawaxen was named River of the Year 2010. Both rivers are ideal for Eagle viewing.

You won’t find many big-box stores or chain hotels. The area consists mainly of family owned businesses. You’ll find numerous B&B’s, charming Inns and a few resorts, of course Woodloch being one of them.  To further make the point, Woodloch is the largest employer in both Pike and Wayne counties. 

The Pocono Mountains Lake Region IS pristine nature at it’s finest.  Marvel in her beauty all four seasons!

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