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The Sweet Sounds of Summer at Woodloch!

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~ shared by Tammy Compton


Do you hear that?

A child’s engaging giggle.

Water gently lapping at the shoreline.

Birds tweeting their sing-song message overhead.

A chorus of friendly shouts and laughter down at the lake.

If memory-making moments have a sound, then that’s it. And trust me, you never get tired of hearing it.

The boss pointed it out to me the other day. Our shift had ended, and we were walking towards the staff parking lot when she turned to me with a question:  “Do you hear that?”

“That” was the joyous sound of children playing in the lake. Their shouts brought an instant smile to our faces.  How could they not?

“That just sends a shiver because to me it’s just the greatest joy to hear a child interacting with another child where they might normally be playing (alone) with electronic devices instead of  enjoying the type of games that we have here,” said Lynn. “They’re actually communicating and interacting between themselves and others."

Lynn VanBlarcom, my boss, is the Reservations Department Manager. She’ll mark 30 successful years at Woodloch at the end of August.   

 “It does your heart good to be able to hear the sounds of summer at Woodloch. It never wears out,” Lynn said.  

And she’s right. There’s something about the sight, the sound and the summer smells at Woodloch.

Take the weekly cookout for example, chock full of summer favorites complete with corn on the cob, grilled burgers and hotdogs, sauerkraut and chili, pulled pork sliders, bags of steamers, and then some.  

There’s just no beating that barbeque smell, and as Lynn calls it, “family togethering” on the front lawn.

The other day, I was savoring my BBQ Woodloch lunch on the lakeview deck, just enjoying those sights and sounds we’ve been discussing. The sun was shining off the crystal blue waters  of Lake Teedyuskung as Woodloch speedboats cut circular paths with water skiers in tow.  Paddleboats, sailboats, kayaks and canoes gently bobbed on the waves with their captains at the stern. And a little girl with a bright green bucket carried pailfuls of sand to her beachfront creation.  

“You’ve got the best view in the house,” I told the elderly gentleman to my left.  “I know,” he agreed, enjoying our shared view.

He and his family started coming to Woodloch 30 years ago, but he’s enjoying it anew through the eyes of his grandchildren.

“Woodloch certainly is beautiful,” I said.

Looking up from leisurely reading the newspaper, he considered for a moment before summing up Woodloch in one word.

“Wholesome,” he said.

I agree.


There's No "Cooler" Place to Spend Your Summer Than at Woodloch!

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~ Shared by J. Ranner

For the past week, it seems no matter where you've traveled to for Independence Day, a crazy heat wave has taken the nation by storm. And there's a perfectly rational scientific explanation for all of this: it's JULY. 

While folks at home are cranking up their A/C units seeking solace in the shade, vacationers at Woodloch should be willing and ready to embrace the heat. With so many ways to stay cool on a hot summer day, your biggest concern will be whether or not to order another pina colada (an easy YES for me). Indeed, Woodloch has three key locations that are always chill, no matter what the thermometer reads.

First and foremost, behold the power of the great Lake Teedyuskung! Our spring-fed lake is filled to the brim with clean water. It's ready for you to perfect your cannon-ball form! Thrill seekers can rejoice over the options for both waterskiing and our waterslide. Or if you prefer to stay dry, sailboats, paddleboats, kayaks and scenic boatrides are viable options. It's not a stretch to say that you can easily stay situated at our lake from sunrise to sunset on any given summer day.

Next, nestled against a picturesque wooded Pennsylvania backdrop, lies our bumper boat facility. This heat-conquering amenity marries good old-fashioned bumper cars with the element of water, and the results couldn't be better! Not only will cool water splash onto your friends and family as your boats collide, but each machine includes a mounted water gun for soaking from a distance! No matter your age, you are bound to leave with a smile!

Perhaps the most exciting outdoor cooling amenity for 2013 is our pool facility. Along with our outdoor kiddie splash park (which adults have also been spotted enjoying), this year brings a complete facelift to our outdoor pool! The pool deck has recently been resurfaced and the pool has been re-tiled. On top of that, there is a brand new pool bar featuring fantastic new sandwiches, salads and snacks as well as your favorite summertime cocktails. Relieve the stress of a tough day of Pool Games in the brand new outdoor hot tub! And just in case we happen to get a little bit of moisture that falls from the sky (we don't use the "R" word here), remember that our indoor pool stays open!

The sun is shining, and with good fortune it will throughout the whole summer. You owe it to yourself to take that refreshing dip into the lake . . . so what are you waiting for? 



Woodloch Takes You "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" this Summer!

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~Shared by J. Ranner

As I start my 15th year of employment at Woodloch Pines Resort (how time flies), time after time I’ve heard guests simply refer to the resort as “HOME.”

And as a sweet Midwestern girl with ruby red slippers once said, “There’s no place like home.”

How fitting, then, that during Wednesday mornings throughout the summer of 2013, you will be whisked away by a whirlwind of fun with our all-new “Oz” games by the lake. “It’s timeless, really. The movie and the book offer a great story to all ages and tastes,” says Social Director (and “Man Behind the Curtain”) Joey Ranner. “So why not incorporate the love that we share into some great games?”

In case you are a Woodloch rookie, Wednesdays in the summer host a new type of theme game on the shores of Lake Teedyuskung every year.  In the past, we’ve pushed the adrenaline with “Fear Factor,” saluted Hollywood’s biggest movies with our “Blockbuster Games” and even paid tribute to real-life heroes with our “Firefighter Games” and “Police Games.”

Planning for this year’s festivities started months ago. Since then, the Woodloch team has been had at work trying to get things just right. “We either go big or don’t go at all,” says Ranner. “With every game that we do, things have to be new, they have to look good, and most importantly, they have to be FUN.” After months of brainstorming, drafting, and ultimately crafting  the new games, “Oz” is ready for its summer run.

So to shake things up, this year’s games will follow the Yellow Brick Road to great times with family and friends.  The Social Staff have crafted 6 unique relay events that take elements from the beloved movies and add the thrill of competition. This year, guests can expect:

  • Working together to pave a Yellow Brick Road of your own
  • Helping the Scarecrow put himself back together again
  • Using the natural resources of the lake to bring justice to that Wicked Witch…
  • Tracking down ruby red shoes…
  • Flying high with bellman monkeys
  • Enjoying delicious Oz treats with “munchkins!”

And it simply wouldn’t be our Theme Games without a little bit of flair. The Social Staff will be running these games in the full costumes of your favorite Oz characters- but that’s all we will say about that.

So when you do click your heels three times this summer, you’ll be magically transported somewhere over the rainbow to the Emerald City of Woodloch

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