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Home Team Repeats as Champions at 2011 Poconos Tourism Games!!!

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Back in April, Woodloch Pines Resort hosted the 2nd Annual PMVB Tourism Games. For those of you who are not familiar, this is an event organized by the Pocono Mountain Visitors Bureau (PMVB), which brings together many properties associated with the organization. This event is a competition between all Pocono properties to compete to be titled Champion!, a trophy and a check worth $1000!! Woodloch came into the event as reigning champs and were very eager to defend their crown.

Eight teams participated in the event. They consisted of teams from the following Pocono properties: Fernwood, Split Rock, Pocono Manor, The French Manor, PMVB, The Lodge at Woodloch and two teams from Woodloch Pines. The 2011 Games were based around games from the hit TV Show "Minute To Win It." The games included events such as "The Tape Measure Game" which forced teams to balance a ping pong ball on a tape measure from point A to point B and drop the ball in a bucket, "M&M Game" in which contestants had to carry an M&M using only a straw and your mouth and drop it off in another location, "Stick The Landing " which asked you to flip a water bottle and get it to land upright on a table, "Egg Roll" which asked to roll an egg from point A to B using only a piece of cardboard as a fan, "8 Cup Fill-Up" which asked the team to designate one player to hold 8 plastic cups, while the other players bounce ping pong balls into all 8 cups, once all 8 cups are filled the timer stops, and last but not least "On The Nose" which asked players to dip their nose in a bowl of Vaseline then dip into a bowl of cotton balls... The player walks the cotton ball on their nose over to the area to then shake the ball off of their nose!

The reigning champion Woodloch "Frosty Mugs" were put to the test early with some stiff competition from the other resorts and properties. The game changer came when Frosty Mugs team member Rory O'Fee flipped a bottle upright and earned 10 points, separating The Frosty Mugs from the pack. Woodloch was proud to host the event, and even more proud to bring home the trophy for the second year in a row! Many of the team members returned from last years championship team, but there were also some new faces... The championship team consisted of Robbie Bloch, Matt King and Bob Filarsky from the Social Staff. Rory O'Fee and Marciella Veltri from the Marketing Department. Wes Halliday, Christine Cortazzo, Dan Kowalcylk from the Bar Staff. Eric Mitshele from the Boathouse Restaurant and myself Matt Butler from the Group Sales Department.

The Frosty Mugs are very proud to be the 2011 champions, but also proud of Woodloch for putting on a great event! Special thanks to all teams that participated especially The Lodge at Woodloch "Mixed Bag of Nuts" and the 2nd Woodloch Pines team "The School of Woodloch", they really stepped up to put together their teams. Also a huge thanks to our Social / Activities Staff who ran the games, and we can't forget Joey Ranner and Patrick Kiesendahl for MCing and running the entire show... We look forward to the 2012 PMVB Tourism Games which will be held at Pocono Manor at the end of winter / early spring! The Frosty Mugs will be looking to be 3-peat champions next year... So if you think you can stop us, get a team of ten together and start practicing, we look forward to the challenge!!!!

Corporate Meetings at Woodloch ~ Social Responsibility

Check Out Woodloch's Newest Blog!

Shared by: Matt Butler, Woodloch Staff

So what’s new in the world of Woodloch Meetings?  Well, we recently welcomed back a past group who hasn’t been here since January of 08... The company was Frito-Lay and we were very proud to have this division of the company return after a long hiatus...

The planner of our Frito-Lay group, and his family, are frequent Woodloch vacationers that have come consistently every year for our New Year’s Eve Package. While vacationing at Woodloch this past New Years, the planner was reminded of the last corporate function they held at Woodloch and all the fun they had doing different teambuilding events (and of course all the work they accomplished while here as well)...

Pocono TeambuildingI met with the planner while he was here on vacation and we started to formulate ideas and tried to recreate a similar package for their corporate function to what they had in 2008.  After gathering the not-so-fun details of the event, it was on to the teambuilding! We discussed the options they had done in the past, but this time they wanted to try something a little different.  The planners looked through our teambuilding brochures and saw something that caught their eye - "The Benevolent Bike Build." This Woodloch original event is really starting to take off!  

Teambuilding in the PoconosThe premise of the bike build is that we hide different pieces of a real (childrens) bicycles all around our property. We then give each team a GPS unit and the coordinates to where the items are hidden. Once all items have been gathered the team assembles a bicycle with no instructions.  Each team must use excellent communication in order to properly assemble the bikes. Also, the team to assemble their bike correctly and in the timeliest fashion is awarded with gold medals and a great prize!  Frito-Lay had an absolute blast during the event, as most adults become kids during a Woodloch teambuilding activity.  It was also a very productive activity for the team by incorporating problem solving, physical activity, mechanics and communication.  A win-win all around.

Communities that CareThe event is titled the “Benevolent” bike build for good reason; the finished bikes are donated to charity – whichever association the company wants to benefit.  Frito-Lay deferred to Woodloch for the charity of choice, and we selected "Communities that Care (CTC)."  CTC supports an after school enrichment program that provides to under privileged children. The program offers a safe environment for children between the times they are dismissed from school and the time their parents arrive home from work.

The bikes that Frito-Lay built will be used by the children during their recreation time at the CTC (you can never have too many brand new bikes at any location). Many of the children who partake in these programs may never have the chance to ride a brand new bicycle, and we love to be able to grant that opportunity! Our most recent Frito-Lay group chose this event to achieve their goals of strengthening their team while having fun, as well as doing a great service in our local community. Woodloch and the Communities That Care organization are very fortunate to have kind, socially responsible groups like Frito-Lay… a big thank you to Frito-Lay!

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