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How We Make Our Own Winter Wonderland in the Poconos

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~Shared by J. Ranner

Anyone living on the Atlantic seaboard can expect snow during the winter season, but exactly how much is the million-dollar question! The Pocono region generally sees an average of about 55 inches of powder per year with the occasional blizzard spiking that total every so often.

But what happens when Mother Nature doesn't cooperate? Snow has been fallen and melted with little to no consistency thus far in 2015. Inconsistency! Today alone, we are going to be shifting from 40 degrees and rainy to bone dry conditions well-below ZERO degrees with windchill!  With some of our busiest guest counts of the year, all of whom were expecting a "winter wonderland," what ever could we do to cope with Mother Nature's shenanigans?

The answer: WE MAKE IT SNOW! That's right, since 1991, Woodloch has been manufacturing piles and piles of artificial snow to keep our guests happy all season long. Once temperatures consistently reach 20 degrees and below, we fire up our snow guns and magically transform a blank canvas of grass into a towering mountain of white. Woodloch sculpts their own snow tube runs!

We get a lot of questions on our snow-making operation so we thought we'd give you the behind-the-scenes scoop on the magic!

  • Woodloch has three "snow guns" similar to those found at ski resorts. At peak operation, they transform 60 to 70 gallons of water into snow per minute!
  • With ideal conditions, i.e. very low temperatures and humidity, the guns can make more than enough snow to fill four triaxle dumptrucks in eight hours!
  • Our "Snow Cat," which resembles a bulldozer and a tank, is used by our staff to craft our tube runs. It is also used throughout the season for one to two hours a day grooming our runs.
  • On average, we need about 10 solid nights of snowmaking to have enough powder to manufacture our tube runs. In total, it takes us about two weeks to manufacture and sculpt our tube runs!
  • Water for the runs is supplied to us by both Lake Teedyuskung and our private water tower.
  • The snow will typically stay with us through the winter season as long as temperatures aren't unseasonably warm. The last of it is pushed in the lake around the start of April. If it wasn't, the massive quantities would linger on the beachfront until about May!
Our snowmaking operation is a neverending effort to keep both of our snow tube runs open for as long as conditions permit!  The "Cats" also groom and sculpt our Olympic areas so we can keep the fun going all winter long!

If you haven't yet had the chance to see these mechanical marvels in action, you have the perfect opportunity right now! Round up your friends and family, and grab a snow tube ... I'll race you to the bottom! We can't wait to see you this winter!!

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Woodloch Winter Wonder from Woodloch Pines on Vimeo.




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~Shared by J. Ranner

As I stare outside the window of the office right now, I am perplexed. The sky is crystal clear, and even though it's only about 40 degrees, the abundant sunshine conjures up thoughts of springtime. These thoughts rarely, if ever, cross my mind in the month of February in Pennsylvania. But I'll take it. golf hotel packages, luxury spa

Though this has been one of the strangest winters on record for the Pocono mountains, there is a silver lining in all of this craziness. We are fortunate to have the ability to make snow, so even though it has been a dry winter, our main snow tube run and Olympic area are still covered in powder and available for tubing and sledding. Enjoy the country air as family and friends take trip after trip down our snow-covered moguls!

You can't exactly snowshoe through our scenic nature trails right now, but that gives you the perfect opportunity to take a scenic hike down the very same paths! There's a serene beauty to the woods that remains even when the last of the leaves tumbles to the ground in autumn. Or hit the tiny links and get some miniature golf practice in . . . with this gorgeous weather, golf season could be closer than you think! Batting Cages remain open, perfect for pre-spring training!class trips, poconos hotel

As always, Woodloch's great selection of amenities will be available to you, including our go-carts, bumper car complex, rifle range, our indoor children's playground and more. And all of this is just a fraction of the great value you will gain by staying with us this season. There is a plethora of exciting games, tournaments, and entertainment, both indoors and out. This will leave you saying, "man, I wish I had one more day!"  . . . which of course you are always welcome to book with us!

If you overlook expectations of what winter in Northeast PA is "supposed" to be like, you will find that this weather pattern is, in fact, a real treat. No shivering, shaking, or messy travel - just smiles. 


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