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A Pocono Perspective ~ Woodloch's Blog

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Our Woodloch Vacation: A Blogger Tells All

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Below, blogger Julie DeNeen shares the details of her trip to Woodloch with her family. You can check out more of her blog here!

It is cold, and you want to go on vacation. The thought of sandy beaches, pina coladas, and spa treatments swim before your eyes. That is, until your three-year-old pulls your hair. Oh yes, that's right. You are a mother of three on a tight budget.

The standard Google and Trip Advisor research will provide you with ample choices, but how do you know which one is right for your family? The DeNeen family took a risk with the Woodloch Pines Resort in Pennsylvania and was happily surprised. It may not be a tropical location, but is sure to provide you and your family with the relaxation and fun you need without breaking the bank.

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Some important details for those considering Woodloch as a destination:

Location: Hawley, Pennsylvania in the Pocono Mountains.
Best Time to Get a Good Deal: Midweek packages in the winter (often times they have a kids free special). Specials start around $600.00 for a two-night, three day package with two adults and two children.
Resort Type: All inclusive. Meals, room, and amenities all included in package price.

The resort is known for its hospitality. Every staff member you meet during your vacation is sure to be professional, helpful, and hilarious. A list of activities is given to each family at breakfast, outlining the schedule for the day. Games, competitions, sports, snow tubing, scavenger describe the imagehunts, ice skating, go-carts, bumper cars, petting zoo, and crafts are all a daily part of the schedule during the winter months. Families who travel in the summer will find even more options with lakeside recreation. In addition to the daily changing activities, the indoor pool, indoor sprinkler area, indoor jungle gym, exercise room, game rooms, shows, and movies ensure that there will never be a dull moment. Woodloch promises to provide activities for all ages.

The rooms are clean and spacious, especially if you stay in a suite. Every room has a fridge as well for stashing those late night snacks and drinks. All Woodloch Pines guests enjoy a meal plan included in their package. Relax in the warm and cozy dining room with your family. Characters in costume are sure to stroll by your table, and illicit giggles and excitement from your children. Much like a cruise, you are assigned a table and a server during your stay, and they will work hard to find that certain food for your picky toddler. Portions are generous, and the quality is excellent.

No matter the season, Woodloch resort guests are greeted with quality staff, food, games, and amenities for families of all sizes and ages. Book your trip today, and you won't be disappointed!

For more detailed information about a family stay at Woodloch, check out Julie's vacation journal.


Living the Teenage Dream at Woodloch!

Check Out Woodloch's Newest Blog!

We were so eager to share this great email and these beautiful pictures which we received from one of our teen guests   . . . proving yet again that Woodloch is where it's at!

Hi my name is Kelly Vino. I'm 14 years old, and I'm from Fairfield, CT. I just vacationed to Woodloch this week (April 16-19) and was able to take some great pictures on the lake at sunset. I also wanted to tell you about the experience I had in Woodloch this year.

lake at night 2

I am writing to tell you that my trip this week, and all my other trips to Woodloch, have changed my life. Since coming here for the last 10-12 years of my life, I have learned and gained so much. The hospitality, generosity, and kindness of the staff is truly amazing. I have learned to let go, especially at Woodloch, and take advantage of what is around me. Even though ten years is just a fraction of the amount that other guests have been coming to Woodloch, I have seen a lot change and watched the resort grow. This trip my brother and I were both able to take part in the zip line activity which was really an amazing experience.

The staff at Woodloch are at a whole other level. Even the people who don't seem to get enough credit from the guests, they change and improve the Woodloch experience too. On this trip I was also able to meet a lot of new staff, who really improved my vacation, and I hope they are recognized too. These staff members I have never really met before but are people I ended up seeing a lot throughout my stay. These people are Eric, Hip Hip Jorge, and Brandon. With Hip Hip Jorge, and Eric at the zip line they definitely made the experience a lot of fun and a lot less nerve racking with their great sense of humor.  Then with Brandon at so many of the games, he added his humor and fun traits too. I only come up about every couple years, so when I do come it is a really memorable experience, and a time that I am grateful for.

Woodloch  532
My trips to Woodloch are always life changing and memorable, for me and my family. I used to leave Woodloch crying like my sisters, afraid we would never be back; but now I leave in silence with a tear in my eye, trying not to show my sadness.  There are no words to describe the feelings and fun times that I have at Woodloch. I hope you keep the traditions going, and the fun times rolling for a really long time. I hope I am back at Woodloch really soon, because I just left yesterday, and I can't believe that our 2012 trip is already over.

I heard that Eric is leaving soon, so I wish him good luck in his new job at the Shore. I know this email is very long, but there is just so much to say about Woodloch itself, and the people who keep it running. Even the little things like mints in the dining room, and the daily events that go on, every aspect of Woodloch really sticks with you forever. I just want to thank you and the Woodloch family and staff for making each time I come such a life changing and memorable event.

I hope to see you all again soon!


Kelly Vino

Woodloch 536


We'll pass on Mickey and sandy beaches. Give us WOODLOCH!

Check Out Woodloch's Newest Blog!

reunions, pocono mountains

~Shared by Tammy Compton

The DiGesu family of Union, N.J. is hooked on Woodloch.

"Out of all the vacations we've ever taken, this is it," says mom, Marta DiGesu. The family of four, who has been to the Bahamas and Disney, says nothing compares to a Woodloch vacation.  In fact, when Marta teasingly asked her kids "Disney or Woodloch?" their response was instantaneous. "My kids looked at me like I was crazy. Their answer: Woodloch," she says.

field trips, luxury spaAsking Marta what she loves best about our all-inclusive family resort earns an all-inclusive answer. "I loved everything, the food, the versatility. There's always something to do whether it's rainy or sunny. The nightly entertainment is fun for the whole family. You can be with your family the entire time, and despite age differences, everyone's having a blast. And you feel safe with your children. I can honestly tell you I feel comfortable saying to the boys, 'You go ahead, and we'll meet you there.'"

Marta also noted that she and her family have met some amazing people while vacationing
at Woodloch. "We met some wonderful friends who I stay in touch with on a regular basis," she said.  This summer, it's another July vacation at Woodloch for the DiGesu family, who won second place in the Scavenger Hunt in 2011 and are returning for the gold in 2012. 

You don't have to travel hundreds of miles while incurring a myriad of travel expenses to find a vacation haven. Woodloch is only about 3 hours from Metropolitan New York and the Greater Philadelphia area. This distance is far enough to "get away" but close enough to stay on budget. So make that hop, skip and a jump away from your troubles, and join us for some guaranteed fun in the Poconos!

Here's an idea of what you can expect from your stay, submitted by one of our friends! 

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