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Woodloch’s Kids Splash Zone = Unending Giggles

Posted on Mon, Jan 10, 2011

Shared by: Rory O'Fee, Woodloch Staff

As a member of the staff here at Woodloch, we are afforded many privileges working here.  I could go on and on about what Woodloch does for their staff, but that would take all day.  On Sunday nights in the off-season, staff are welcome to enjoy the facilities, specifically the indoor pool and sports complex.  It's a family resort, so that’s what I did last night in the cold pocono mountains, took the family to the pool!

I have a ten month old daughter named Savannah, who just started walking, and on a recent vacation we found out she just loves - I mean LOVES – the water.  Pool, lake, ocean, bath, whatever – as soon as you take her out of the water she cries, she could live in an inner tube in the middle of Lake Wallenpaupack and be perfectly happy.  So my wife and I decided to take our little one to the indoor pool because Woodloch has their new Kids Splash Zone!

The Splash Zone is designed for kids 12 and under, but really it’s more suited for little kids.  Perfect!  We all got changed easily and stepped through the double glass doors into the pool area.  First thing I thought was – how comfortable the 82° felt as we escaped the -2° wind chill outside, but the pool waters felt even better!  We started off nice and easy in the kids wadding pool, it was about 9” deep all around the circular shape.  The ledge around the pool was perfect for sitting and watching the wee ones scamper around.  Ok, good warm-up we thought, lets enter the WOODLOCH SPLASH ZONE! 

The place is really impressive; the super tall (25’) walls are decorated with a beautiful perspective mural of the creatures of the forest, pine trees and rolling hills – very appropriate for the area and really cute and fun for the kids.  My daughter fell in love with the mamma and baby bears.  There are a bunch of little water slides, jets, waterfalls, fountains and even a few water guns.  There’s a little rubber rowboat with whirlpool jets in the seats which was a blast.  The water is about 9” deep or less all around.  All the water toys are made out of a rubber or foam material for safety.

splashpool 004

My little girl found the toy that was just the right size for her; it’s a little otter, sitting on a log and you can slide from his head down to his long fat tail.  He can’t be more than 2’ at most and there’s a little water jet to make it slick.  Savannah was just full of deep belly giggles as she slid down the otter’s tail.  I had to hold her of course, but as soon as we reached the bottom she jumped over and started to crawl back up.  So we’d slide down again and again with her laughter filling this room. 

We all had such a great experience in the indoor kids Splash Zone, it really entertained my little baby girl.  She used so much energy and had so much fun (as did we) she was fast asleep before we got back home (6 minutes away…). 

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