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The Majesty of the British Empire: Dinner and a Show in the Poconos

Posted on Tue, Jan 18, 2011

Shared by: Marceilla Veltri, Woodloch Staff

Every year I look forward to the new “theme” at Woodloch Resort. The idea of Theme Night is so exciting to not only the guests, but also the employees. The theme always includes fun costumes, delicious desserts at dinner, and best of all - the new family-friendly show. I enjoy the anticipation of walking through the greeting line admiring every staff member in their festive attire; which family member has the flashy costume; what the “horse” in the parade looks like this year or until I find out what Randy is wearing – or more accurately what Randy is NOT wearing.  There’s nothing better than the fun atmosphere and excitement I feel in this Pocono family resort!

Dinner and a show at Woodloch is that time when the girls bring out their best dress, men put themselves together with a collared shirt and some nice shoes and the dining room looks like a party for 600.  My personal favorite thing about Theme Night is the dinner part of “dinner and a show in the Poconos”.  You’ve got a 4 course meal - appetizer, salad, entrée (prime rib, salmon, chicken) and as I said before, the new dessert! - hopefully something chocolaty (fingers crossed). Following dinner is my next favorite part - everyone rushes to the nightclub to find the perfect table for their family and friends to get the best view of the stage, luckily, anywhere in the nightclub is great seating! As everyone gathers, music is being played by The Company to entertain us as we wait for the show to begin.

Theme Show at Woodloch Resort

This year the theme is The Majesty of the British Empire. Now take it from me - I had no idea what that meant going into the show! I was excited because not only is it a new theme - but it’s something I’m not familiar with. To my surprise I was surrounded by some familiar sounds of James Bond, Andrew Lloyd Webber, Ozzy Osbourne, The Beatles and even the Spice Girls - That’s right the SPICE GIRLS! Not only were the dinner costumes entertaining but the theme show offered costumes recognizable to all ages-including Harry Potter and Queen Elizabeth. I also really enjoyed the unique British humor and the different charm it has compared to American comedy.

Needless to say, the Theme Show at Woodloch Resort has yet to disappoint. Even with my lack of knowledge in the material - I found myself laughing and dancing around to the sounds (and humor) of THE BRITISH EMPIRE! Our own Woodloch talent and our Broadway loaners set out to create yet another pleasurable experience, different and entertaining, for adults and children alike – wow, they really nailed it, once again!

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