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Returning Memories! One Guests Recent Visit After 30 Years

Posted on Wed, Feb 16, 2011

Shared by: Sue Nordenhold, Woodloch Staff

Just a few short weeks ago, a gentleman and his family walked in the main entrance and headed towards the Front Desk. He was greeted by the Front Desk who, of course, welcomed them by saying, "Good Afternoon, and Welcome to Woodloch!" as we all do with our guests. Little did we know, that this was a return visit, after thirty years!! We did not go into the details about why he had not returned in such a long time but there was so much joy and excitement for his return with his family.  The last time he was here, he was a child, now he was anxious the relive those great memories with his children.

Waterskiing in the Poconos

After the intial check-in procedure was complete, we started talking about the “old days” at Woodloch and how things have changed and grown (for the better).  We first spoke of the toboggan run which was located where our Greenbriar snow tube is now, behind the main dining room. I can still remember the bump at the bottom of the toboggan run, where you’d be thrust onto the lake and seemingly fly across the ice.  It sure was fun, but, the snow tube run was a marvelous idea, and designed for all ages - we actually have an 85 year old woman who goes down the tube run!!!  

We spoke about our nightly entertainment in the Heritage Night Club, which back in the day was performed in the North Lodge.  He remembered the construction of the whole Greenbriar extension and night club the last time he vacationed at Woodloch.  He had stayed in our “Family Cottages”, and “Tallwood Units”. These were our main accommodations before Springbrook and Mt. Laurel units were built. 

Woodloch History

As the weekend progressed, I asked the family how they were enjoying their Winter Vacation. It was great to reminisce with our returning guest.  The whole family turned to me, and in unison, responded with "We love it and we can not wait to come back!"  What a wonderful feeling that was.  I look forward to welcoming them back next winter!

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