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A Forest of Fun for the Little Ones

Posted on Fri, Feb 25, 2011

Shared by: Sarah Vignau, Contributor

Pocono Indoor Play GymWhen my friend Jen suggested we bring our kids (her 2 year old and my 1 year old) to the Forest at Woodloch, I was a bit skeptical. Most play areas are designed for children a bit older than my daughter. However, when we arrived at the Forest I was pleasantly surprised; there was a Toddler play area for my little girl! From the cushiony floor to the small slides, it was the perfect area for a mobile baby to play.

She was a bit shy at first, but once she saw other babies playing she quickly warmed up to the strangers. My friend’s son Edward played with us for a bit and then ventured on to explore the giant maze in the main play area of the jungle gym forest.  Inside a fortress of mesh are slides, climbing areas, and oodles of space for kids to explore. Around the outside of the two playing areas were arcade style games and a sitting area for parents. The Forest had something for everyone which I will definitely be taking advantage of again in the future.  It’s so nice to have a place indoors to play during this cold weather and now I know where to bring my daughter for the day when she starts to get restless at home.

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