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Posted on Mon, Feb 28, 2011

The Woodloch Springs Sports Complex Swim-a-thon raised over $9,000 to support cancer awareness and research.

Throughout the month of January, both members and non-members of the Woodloch Springs Sports Complex competed to swim the most laps to raise the most moeny. “This event was an opportunity for us as a team to raise money for the BK Hope Cures Fund, supporting cancer awareness and research” says Erica Collins, manager of the Sports Complex. Non-members earned eligibility by receiving 3 sponsors at $.10 a lap. Full access to the establishment was granted to each contributor, offering a variety of water aerobics and free range of the pool. Participants earned money for the distance swam throughout the month- for those non-swimmers each 45-minute water aerobic class attended was worth 22 laps or ½ mile.

Gift certificates to the Boathouse, Woodloch Springs, Woodloch Pines, and also the Sports Complex were handed out weekly to the most active participants. Prizes were not only awarded to the contestant with the most laps and/or joining in the most water aerobic classes weekly, but also to those raising the most money week to week.

Grand prize winners, Steven Lundgren who swam the most with 53 miles and Robin Ditman who raised over $1,900, both received a complimentary Bed & Breakfast Package for two at Woodloch Pines.

The rewarding event mirrored the Woodloch way of “togethering” by pulling people together as a team to do something great for others. While enjoying the Sports Complex at Woodloch Springs and additional pool amenities, contestants were able to increase overall health, and compete for wonderful prizes.

The BK 5K is scheduled for Sunday June 5th, 2011. for further information log on to www.BKHopeCures.com.

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