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What Family is All About in the Poconos

Posted on Thu, Apr 07, 2011

Shared by: Marceilla Veltri, Woodloch Staff

Woodloch Crisis Show in the PoconosLast Sunday, I experienced my first Crisis Fund Show in the Heritage Nightclub at Woodloch in the Pocono Mountains.

We all know that at Woodloch family comes first, and the staff at Woodloch Resort is a family. In 1984, Sharon Bedrosian, one of our very own desk members, helped put together Woodloch’s Crisis Fund.  This fund continues to benefit members of the Woodloch family struggling through a personal tragedy.

In order to replenish this fund, a “variety show” is scheduled every year to raise money. This year was my first experience with the Crisis Fund Show-and I can’t say enough about it. Staff members of Woodloch show off some of their hidden (or not so hidden) talents! By singing, dancing, performing skits and comedy, the staff entertained the community, fellow staff members and even guests, in an effort to raise money for the fund. I even noticed, in addition to the show, other items were sold to raise money such as cookbooks and delicious homemade baked goods, as well as raffles to win loaded gift baskets, quilts and more.

Crisis Show at WoodlochThe best thing about this fund is, it’s now always about the money! When I asked Sharon about the Crisis Show and fund, I learned that some of those in need weren’t always needy for cash but sometimes they just needed an experience, a gift for the soul.  When the fund was started, a member of our Woodloch Family was diagnosed with a terminal case of cancer; he had mentioned that all he ever wanted to do was go see a Boston Red Sox game.  Sharon took the time to write letters and express the situation to the team. In the end our former employee was honored with tickets to a game and was even able to meet the team.  His wish came true and was able to experience it in his last few months, through the support of his Woodloch family.

Woodloch not only preaches the importance of family, but exudes this mantra in everything it does.  As an employee it was not only nice to see my friends and co-workers spend time together but also in taking part of something that could change someone’s life in the future was inspiring. Woodloch just wouldn’t be so special without such a strong backbone and support system – truly amazing.

We wanted to give you just a little taste of what the show is like, so enjoy this video.  Every year, the Kiesendahl boys are the headline act for the evening and they never disappoint.  They certainly know how to have fun…  This year they did a little video parody of 2009’s blockbuster comedy, “The Hangover”.

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