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Woodloch Weddings Get a Little Sweeter.

Posted on Tue, Jun 21, 2011

Want to make your special day a little more sweeter than it already is? Add a candy station to your reception!

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Candy stations are easy to put together and provide your guests with a tasty treat while adding some fun pizzazz to your day! Pictured below, is one of Woodloch's own candy stations!

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Here at Woodloch we provide brides with the jars needed for your candy and will set up and design the station to match the brides specific style. Extra jars or decorations can be added to the station as well. Ask around and start collecting large vases and apothecary jars from those you know, and you will have enough jars in no time! Watch the local stores for candy sales or visit your local Sam’s club/BJ/Cosco etc. to buy the candy in bulk. Bulk candy can even be purchased online at some great prices!

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From lollipops and skittles to peanut butter cups and chocolate pretzels there are endless possibilities! Some choose to use bright and colorful candies while others stick with specific themes such as colors or candy names. Example, if your colors for your wedding are purple and gold, search for candies in those colors, or even order personalized M&M's! With such a large variety of candy out there, you will be surprised what you’re able to come up with! Sometimes brides and grooms choose to include frames on the tables with pictures or phrases, and titles such as "How Sweet it is to be loved by you".

Often times a candy station can also double up as your favor! Small sheer bags or personalized candy boxes can be set at each place setting with a cute little note attached directing guests to get out of their seat and enjoy a special treat!

One little station can lead to many possibilities and options and every bride and groom add their own little spark. The wedding planners here at Woodloch are ready to get sticky and make your day sweeter!


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