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Real Estate in the Pocono Mountains

Posted on Wed, Jun 01, 2011

Shared by: Nick D'Andrea ~ Woodloch Real Estate

A lot of people don't know of the great ownership opportunities here at Woodloch, so I wanted to take a moment to showcase owning a Guesthome in Woodloch Springs in the Pocono Mountains. 

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As a Woodloch Guesthome owner you can enjoy a beautiful home at Woodloch, have fun at the Resort, relax at the Spa and play a round of golf.  Then when you’re not using your home Woodloch will rent it!  It doesn’t get any easier than that. 

As a Woodloch Guesthome owner, you become a quasi-partner with Woodloch Pines a nationally acclaimed family resort.   With their marketing clout and 53 years of hospitality experience it’s easy to understand why so many families have chosen to become a Guesthome owner.  However, membership is somewhat exclusive for there are only 68 guesthomes in the entire program making a guesthome a very unique, special and highly sought after ownership option.

Guesthomes come in all shapes and sizes.  From our 2 bedroom Villas we refer to as the Links to our spacious 6 Bedroom Innisbrook, our flagship model; there’s plenty of variety, and lots of options.   Of course, each home’s income potential is driven by an owner’s use but typically, owner’s enjoy incomes between $20,000 and $60,000 a year. 

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The Guesthome Program as it’s fondly referred to, has been around for almost 15 years.  Owners love the ability to experience Woodloch without having to worry about maintenance, landscaping or housekeeping.  They arrive at their home to find it clean and ready to go.  They go swimming, boating, see a Show, dine at one of our many restaurants then; when the leave, their home is cleaned again and readied for their next visit or one of Woodloch’s guests. 

If you’re seriously considering making Woodloch a part of your life, you should consider the Guesthome program.  For more information call 1-800-272-9428.

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