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Zipping into Summertime at Woodloch!

Posted on Fri, Jun 03, 2011
Shared by:  Joe Ranner ~ Woodloch Social Staff

Zip line in the poconos

As always, Memorial Day ushered in the start of the summer season at Woodloch Pines.  It also marked the opening of Woodloch’s newest amenity: the Zip Line

This attraction has been on the drawing board for about 3 years or so but finally became a reality when the decision to build was made in the fall of 2010.  The source of inspiration? “Haunted Hayrides,” says Joey Ranner, Social Director of the resort.  “We started using smaller Zip Lines to scare guests during our annual Haunted Hayrides.  The staff working in the woods enjoyed zipping so much that we decided that our guests would definitely enjoy them as well. Woodloch strives to keep the resort fresh and exciting for everyone, including our long-time guests that return looking for new ways to enjoy our resort.”

For a nominal fee, guests can make reservations to ride. Everyone must be at least 13 years old and weigh less than 280 pounds. You need to be in good health and also wear closed-toe shoes. After riders are secured in their harnesses, they are given safety instructions, and then it’s off to the peak of our hill. Riders soar down a 600 foot cable, dropping vertically 50 feet in the process, and end their ride 40 feet up in the scenic Pocono Mountain canopy. The fun doesn’t stop there: the experience concludes with a “Tarzan Swing”: zippers take a leap off the end platform and are safely lowered to the ground.

Woodloch’s family and staff are very pleased with the Zip Line so far, and it represents just the tip of the iceberg of fun that we intend to share with your family and friends this summer. Please visit www.woodloch-edge.com for continual updates on the fun as we approach the heart of summer!


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