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Woodloch, get your popcorn ready...

Posted on Thu, Jun 09, 2011

pocono summer vacation

Every long-time Woodloch guest knows that each summer brings all-new theme games to Woodloch. In the past few years, our guests have been whisked away to tropical islands, taken roles in your favorite reality TV shows, and even donned the capes of their favorite superheroes.  This year offers you the opportunity to "star" in these blockbuster films in the Pocono Mountains... "Hollywoodloch," if you will. (MINOR SPOILER ALERT: please stop reading if you want a total surprise!)

Guests will bring family and friends to the front of Lake Teedyuskung, typically forming teams of around 10 players. Once organized, teams will visit the “sets” of 7 of 2011’s biggest summer films and compete in games for the coveted Woodloch gold medal. Wield the power of a Norse god, set sail with the scoundrels of the sea, defend the wild west against extra-terrestrials, and put on your dancing shoes- because we’re turning it loose (just watch your step for any small blue creatures along the way).

Of course, this is but one of Woodloch's many new events for the summer, but you will have to visit us to experience everything we have in store! Visit us this summer for your chance to star in these “films!” Stay tuned to www.woodloch-edge.com for more updates!

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