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Hope Cures ~ A Pocono Resort's Fight Against Cancer

Posted on Tue, Jun 07, 2011

Hope and Faith aren’t traits you are born with; they’re traits that people develop over time, influenced by family and friends, fortified by your own inner courage.  Bob Kiesendal, you can call him BK, is a man who’s faith, hope and courage pulled him through an unthinkably difficult time.  When the tough got going, he got tough and now he is able to give back and help those in need. BK, celebrating 11 years in remission from Leukemia, is working tirelessly, selflessly, to influence others to believe in hope and have faith.  If you aren’t familiar with Bob’s story, take a look at BK Hope Cures and find how the struggle of cancer helped Bob believe.

A select few dear friends and family of Woodloch -- Joan Kiesendahl, Dee Austin, Willard Macleary, Connie Macleary and Donna Eisele -- attended a dinner hosted by the Susan G. Komen For the Cure (NEPA) with BK in late May. It was at this event that Bob Kiesendahl and Woodloch Resort were awarded recognition by the local chapter for their generous contributions received.

Year after year, BK continues to hold a several signature events with the sole purpose of raising money for both cancer education and cancer research – and keeping the funds local!  The money was earned through The BK Golf Tournament held every October, A night for the Cure (a tricky tray held yearly), Pinstripes Golf Tournament held in May, and an event called Blue Jeans for the cure. For 2010, all money raised by Hope Cures benefits Breast Cancer Research, 75% of the money raised will stay in Northeast Pennsylvania for education, screening & treatment grants, the remaining 25% was donated for cancer research. The amazing participation in these four events has helped to donate over $44,000 to support our local Susan G. Komen chapter.

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