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"Trash the Dress" for your Poconos Wedding!

Posted on Tue, Nov 08, 2011


For those current brides or anyone involved with a bride out there, you may or may not have heard the now popular phrase "trash the dress". You also may be saying to yourself that those are two words that do not belong in the same sentence together. Well, they do for modern-day photographers and daring brides willing to take a risk for some cool memorabilia.

Trash the Dress was started a few years ago, and has slowly made its way to evolve into a popular wedding trend. For those of you who are raising their eyebrows and scratching their heads as to what the heck is trash the dress, let us clarify. It is basically when the bride chooses to take a risk and do something “messy” with her dress after the wedding, for the sake of taking cool photos. This could include, but not limited to, jumping into a body of water, making a human mural with paint, taking pictures with an animal (on a horse) or simply just doing every day activities that you would not normally partake in a white puffy wedding dress.

Brides usually choose to do this when they have come to the realization that they are never going to wear the dress again, so they might as well do something cool with it. Or some simply purchase a cheap white dress on clearance or from a thrift shop, just to take cool pictures as a bride.

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Above, Jessica and Brandon decide to take a ride around the Woodloch Pines go-cart track after their I-do's!

This wedding season a few of Woodloch’s brides chose to take place in trash the dress. Whether it was jumping into Lake Teddyuskung off the dock or sliding down the water slide, they took advantage of all the photo opportunities Woodloch has to offer!

Below is a picture of a bridal party on one of our docks just before the girls plunged into the lake on our waterslide!

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